We understand that this process can be difficult and you might have questions.  Please review answers to the more frequently asked questions below:

Q? Do you have a service contract I have to sign?
A. There’s no service contract. That means you can use our services for only as long as you need and with 100% satisfaction. Start enjoying worry-free senior care now!

Q? What is home care?
A. Home care provides seniors with one-on-one assistance in the comfort of their own home. This enables them to live at home independently, helping seniors maintain their quality of life. The personal attention they receive vastly improves their safety, health and happiness.

Q? What’s unique about the service provided by Home Care Seniors?
A. Home Care Senior Care specializes in 24/7 full-time care, with a caregiver providing uninterrupted assistance and companionship around the clock. Our rigorous caregiver selection process includes an exclusive psychologist-generated test that measures honesty and conscientiousness. Our emphasis on providing long-term care from a consistent caregiver ensures quality in care and maintains familiarity and emotional stability.

Q? What is the difference between full-time care, 24/7 care and full-time care?
A. With our full-time care service, a caregiver comes and stays around the clock, ready to assist with all activities of daily living. Live-in does not mean move-in. Home Care Assistance caregivers only bring a small bag for their daily needs. All they require is a quiet place in the home where they can receive uninterrupted rest in the evenings. This ensures that our caregivers are fully rested and alert the following day. 24/7 care provides service for those seniors who require close supervision at all times and is billed hourly. This is often used in conjunction with full-time care. Full-time care is also available for four or more consecutive hours at a time or longer.

Q? How do the costs compare between full-time and hourly service?
A. Hourly rates which vary depending on the circumstances and the level of care, are billed at one fixed rate, no matter the time of day or day of the week. Full-time care is available for a minimum of four consecutive hours. Live-in service is charged at roughly ten times the hourly rate. Live-in service can be provided for as little as 1 day a week. Our flat rate and no hidden fee policies make Home Care Assistance easy to budget—without surprises.

Thank you for your time and interest! We are looking forward to helping you!


  • Medication reminders
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meals cooked with love
  • Diet monitoring
  • Grocery & general shopping
  • Medication pick-up
  • Cleaning & organizing closets
  • and more….